Youth Project

Program Objectives:

Through the Youth Program, Umoja Foundation Trust (UFT) is offering outreach and digital media programming for young newcomers and refugees. By attending this program our clients will:

  • Develop connections with other youth in the community.
  • Get connected to community resources.
  • Learn skills in Media and Technology – Computers, Cameras etc.
  • Learn to share stories and experiences using Media – Film, Videos, Photography, Blogging, etc.
  • Explore various topics including – High School, Culture, Youth connections and Friendships, Bullying, Journey to UK (Manchester).

Program Benefits

The program workers will assist young newcomers and refugees in accessing resources and learning about their local community and providing referral and accompaniment to appropriate resources. This program is currently offered in Swahili, French, and English.

For more information please contact us on 07464007496 or send am email at