Aspiring for Success

A new project called “Aspiring for Success” is in process of being created. This programme will deliver a number of sessions over the course of the year in order to help individuals gain meaningful employment, training or work experience. We will run 12 sessions over the course of the year engaging with 50 people. We will run 4 health and wellbeing session over the year. 4 confidence building sessions and 4 employment readiness sessions, which will support individuals, strive to be employment ready. In order to start the programme we would like to deliver a programme Launch event which will showcase case the work that we will be undertaking and sign up individuals who would like to take part. The project delivery will be managed by the project coordinator who will oversee the planning of the session over the course of the year and will be supported by 2 sessional workers in delivering the session on a regular basis supporting participants in order to develop personalised action plans. The volunteers will act as mentors and provide support in order to signpost, support and provide information to the participants. They will also assist in supporting the delivery of the sessions. The volunteers will also gain experience from supporting individual s and helping with session planning and deliver. In order for us to help these individuals we would need equipment and material to support us delivers the activities.The session would be advertised and marketed through our website and local community and voluntary service CVAT. As part of our monitoring and evaluation we would make sure that information is captured on learning from all participants and volunteers case study examples would be hopefully updated on our website of some of the success we have achieved in working with these individuals (with permission of course).

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